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Praise For The Travel Dispatch

Witty, intriguing, and at times laugh-out-loud-hilarious, The Travel Dispatch gives us an authentic, behind-the-perfect-Instagram-shot peek at the daily existence of a perpetual nomad. A travel blog for the new age, Sarra's memorable email dispatches breathe life into the often stale, humdrum life of an inbox.

- some copywriter I hired on Fiverr

TIME magazine calls Kristen Sarra the Anthony Bourdain of the millennial generation.

- the movie-trailer voiceover guy in a dream I once had

The Travel Dispatch gets two thumbs up! It's like if The Truman Show were broadcast live over email.

- Siskel and Ebert probably

I just got dispatch'd. Never has an inbox invasion been so much fun!

- Oprah Winfred

I’m Kristen.

The walking disaster, single-because-seriously-why-would-anyone, 30-something year old female protagonist of The Travel Dispatch. Each year I allocate a certain amount of time and cash flow to one particular journey and document the trip in real-time via short, daily dispatches sent straight to your inbox. Thus allowing you to follow the expedition from beginning to end without ever having to leave your couch. Or put on pants.

With a budget of $25,000, the current journey is taking on the classic “round-the-world” route as I travel east to west, looping the globe over a period of 12 months. Here, thissa explains it all.

 Currently Dispatching From Quito, Ecuador

I’m here doing a work-exchange until the 5th of February. I fell in love instantly with this underrated capital city and decided I wanted to explore Quito on a deeper level. So I’ll be doing one (or more!) new and unique things in the next couple weeks. I’ll be sharing them all in my daily dispatches.

Bop over to my Instagram Stories for some visual storytelling on this emerging Latin American city.

Quito, Ecuador

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Hey guys. After many weeks of contemplation, I've decided to retire this Facebook business page in deference to a new personal blog account (you can send me a friend request below and everything I post will be made public). This is a more non-commercial and off-the-cuff way to share travel updates, stories, photos, and videos with you guys. This relaxed approach is much more my style and I'm hoping it'll foster more engagement and provide a better social experience for you, my wonderful readers!

As always, blog posts and dispatches will continue to be found here 👉
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Panama City's Mercado de Mariscos. This market mixes two of my favorite things - a view into everyday local life and fresh seafood caught straight from the waters lapping against its gates. Local restaurants purchase their fish here and residents come out to take advantage of their a la carte offerings.

Visitors can watch the colorful fishing boats come in and unload the day's catch where it's immediately taken in, weighed, and then put on display. On the market's edge lies a lineup of food stalls specializing in ceviche made fresh on the premises. It's the ultimate in sea-to-table cuisine. Rather than tell you about it, I thought I'd just show you instead...@visitpanama
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