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Premise. 60 Seconds. Go.

The Travel Dispatch is a no-holds barred account of one expedition from beginning to end. Think unscripted travel-themed reality show – for your inbox.

Each year I, Kristen (the walking disaster, single-because-seriously-why-would-anyone, 30-something year old female protagonist) designates a specific amount of time and cash flow for one particular journey around the world.

Documenting the trip in real time, readers can follow along step-by-step, tuktuk-by-tuktuk via their email inbox with short, daily dispatches chronicling the trials, joys, tribulations, and comedic mishaps as they unfold live on the road.

The Current Journey

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The Route

The current route kicked off in Panama on November 15th and is showcasing a classic “round the world” loop as I weave my way from Latin America to The Balkans, Eastern Europe to the Middle East,  and Southeast Asia back to the US.

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The Duration

Running from Nov 15, 2017 to Nov 15, 2018, The Travel Dispatch’s first journey will last a full 12 months. Upon its completion, a 2 month break will commence in order to plan and prepare for the subsequent journey slated for January 2019.

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The Budget

$25,000 is the threshold – not the target – for the full 12 month journey. Any Benjamins leftover will be applied to the next expedition along with all income earned while on the road.

How It Works

The Travel Dispatch traces one round-the-world journey in its entirety allowing you a glimpse into every aspect of the expedition; from the pre-trip planning phase, to lift-off, and to all the moments en route to its completion.

From local encounters to misadventures, unintended detours to planned activities, loneliness to romance, frustration to unadulterated happiness, the Travel Dispatch shares it all with a candid (and ofttimes humorous) mix of daily notes, weekly confessions, practical memos, and lengthy blog posts. No carefully curated photos or rose-colored glasses included – Transparency meet The Internet.

The Daily Dispatch

Under a 3 minute read, these brief anecdotes land in your inbox every afternoon for the duration of the 365 day adventure. The subject matter’s drawn from events transpiring earlier in the day, providing you with real-time updates ranging from notes on how to crash a father/son reunion in Scotland, travel warnings like never accept palinka-drinking challenges with Hungarians, advice on how to sail from Panama to Colombia, and much more.

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You wouldn’t want to miss out on what my mom describes as a travel blog for those with ADHD would ya?

The Weekly Dispatch

Prefer your updates weekly? Lucky for you, on Wednesdays we wear pink. This mid-week dispatch comes in the form of blog posts uploaded and archived on this page here that provide a categorical recap of the previous seven days’ travel highs, lows, WTFs, lessons learned, and more.

Navigating the Website

The Current Route

This page traces my “round the world” itinerary, showing you where I am currently and where I’ve been. Blog posts written about visited destinations are linked here and are searchable by country.

Financial Breakdown and Resource PageFinancial Breakdown

Updated weekly (or more often if productivity pays a visit), this page categorically breaks down every penny spent on the current journey, providing you a transparent glimpse on how much it actually costs to travel.

Preplanning and Packing

The current journey started way before I ever boarded a plane. Checkout this page for all those tedious pre-trip logistics like how I saved moolah, what I packed, and   how I prepared to move onto the road. This page officially launches Jan 31 so check back then!

Dublin - A Travel Destination for Every MonthTravel Resources Used

Travel bloggers typically list their favorite resources but fail to tell you when they actually implement them themselves. This page is updated as and when I use each booking resource and details exactly what they were used for on the current journey. The  launch of this page is slated for Jan 31.

Blog Roll for The Travel DispatchBlog Roll

Don’t much care about the journey itself and just want destination inspiration and stories? No worries, this page lets you browse every post ever written (even those dating back to the pre-Travel Dispatch era).

Pinhao Train Depot - the history of port wine in the douro valley of portugalPast Destinations

In another life, this site went by a different name and churned out many a travel post. Here you can browse every article written by country (not just those on the current Dispatch journey).

FAQ’s About The Travel Dispatch

Are you getting paid to do this?

Negative Ghost Rider.

This entire year long journey is paid for out of my own pocket.

So you're not getting paid but I bet you get free travel swag right?

Yeah, no.

This current journey features zero comped hotel stays, free press trips, travel freebies, or sponsored activities.

So far, I’ve been shying away from these opportunities. I beat to my own drum, straying off the beaten path and traveling at my own pace.

I’m allergic to set itineraries and am not a massive must-visit-every-tourist-site-ever type of person. I’m more interested in getting to know locals and immersing myself in new cultures. These are the narratives I prefer writing about. My stories develop organically and I never know what I’m going to write about until the moment it happens. The experience first, then the words.

Oft times paid trips come with preset notions tied to an obligation to write a specific narrative. Therefore a lot of sponsored trips don’t align with my personal travel or writing style.

That’s not to say I would never accept an opportunity in the future but it would have to be the right fit. Journalistic freedom in any content I produce is a must.

If I do ever accept a sponsored travel opportunity or any freebies, I will disclose it to you straight away.

Not getting paid? Then how on earth can you afford this?

I saved up to move onto the road full time while working in New York City and managed to tuck away $38,742 in 3 years.

$25,000 of this stash is what I’m using for this current journey – aka Season 1 of The Travel Dispatch. With the rest of the money, I paid off my debts ($8,742), purchased my pre-trip necessities ($2,600) and started a small nest egg ($5,000) for Season 2’s journey which starts in January 2019.

Longtime readers know I’ve dabbled in freelance projects over the years and I’m pursuing more of these opportunities as I carve out a permanent life on the road. I also currently make a small amount of money off affiliate sales scattered throughout this site (no worries – this comes at no extra cost to you and every recommendation I make comes from personal experience). Any income I generate will go towards the running costs of this site and all overfill will go towards the next journey.

Last but not least, I’m interested in picking up work abroad (i.e. in hostels, bars, horse ranches, circus schools, etc). I want to immerse myself in local culture and feel like this kind of work could help me discover a foreign city in a deeper way.

Where will you go once the current journey ends?

That’s up to you – the readers!

(well, mostly up to you – the financial gods may have a tiny say)

I want to go where you want me to write about so, provided I have enough funds to cover it, the next journey will be selected by you. As of now, it’s slated to begin January 2019 and will last 6 months. Ideally, I’d like to cover one specific region rather than do another full loop across the world in order to get a deeper understanding of said region.

It’s never too early to hear your opinion on where I should go next so fill out this super quick poll!

On a scale of kinda irksome to abhorrently vexatious, how annoying are these daily dispatches going to be?

I’ll let some copywriter I hired on Fiverr answer that…

“Witty, intriguing, and at times laugh-out-loud-hilarious, The Travel Dispatch gives us an authentic, behind-the-perfect-Instagram-shot peek at the daily existence of a perpetual nomad. A travel blog for the new age, Sarra’s memorable email dispatches breathe life into the often stale, humdrum life of an inbox.”

Just kidding – I didn’t hire someone to write that.

I wrote it myself.

All kidding aside, I have enough clutter in my inbox but would still like to follow along.

No worries, just bookmark the Daily Dispatch archive page and read at your convenience or follow The Travel Dispatch on Facebook, and Instagram.

I'm interested in working with The Travel Dispatch. What's the best way to contact you?

Head on over to my contact page for details about the types of partnerships I’m interested in or email me at

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