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Introducing The Travel Dispatch and A Permanent Move Onto the Road

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Here, There, and Everywhere in Liverpool - train from London
Hi, I’m Kristen. Remember? The girl who was all about you guys for close to 3 years until May 2017 rolled around and I ghosted you out of nowhere? I know right? Some nerve I have to just pop up here in your inbox as if nothing happened. It’s called submarining by the way. What I’m doing. […]
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Monthly Preview: What I’m Getting Up To In June and July

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March monthly preview
Two months ago I wrote my monthly preview post while sitting inside a cozy cafe in Notting Hill, London. I had just flown in from Mexico, was knee-deep in fun research for a massive UK travel article (1 year in the making and still in progress) and was in the throes of a budding romance that was […]
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The Port Wine Tradition of Portugal’s Douro Valley

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The history of port wine in the Douro Valley Portugal - The Vintage House in Pinhao
In honor of National Wine Day today, I’m sharing the below article I wrote for Coastal Lifestyle Magazine a couple years ago. The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is my favorite wine region and well worth a visit for wine-tasting amateurs and connoisseurs alike. So go grab a glass of your fave vintage to sip whi...
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On Arrivals: Here, There, and Everywhere in Liverpool

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Penny Lane in Liverpool United Kingdom
On Arrivals is a nonfiction travel narrative series on the blog. Arriving in a new place can be thrilling, scary, joyous, nerve-racking, and exciting. You never know what to expect and the unfamiliarity of a new place can lend its share of challenges and rewards. I wanted to share stories of my own arrivals into foreig...
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Things To Do In Oman: A 7 Day Itinerary

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Oman - The Paradise You Never Knew Existed - Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Remember last year when I mentioned my alter ego? The one I call Tina? You know – the annoyingly responsible “it’s chilly out make sure you grab a jacket” kind of twisted sister. The one who always somehow has whatever you need on hand whenever you need it. Hand sanitizer? Check. Safety pins? Ch...
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Monthly Preview: What I’m Getting Up To In April

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View from living in the Financial District
Cliff Note fans rejoice – this is going to be the shortest roundup I’ve ever done. Mainly because I am SO FREAKING BEHIND ON EVERYTHING. Including… My monthly newsletter that’s two months late. I swear it’s coming out tomorrow. Not signed up? You can do so here. My sampling piece on Oaxaca...