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Caption This – Potts Point, Sydney, Australia

This post was born 23 Oct, 2014 One Comment
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So I’m really really really sick. Not like ‘I’m sick of my boss for giving me work while I’m in the middle of secretly writing my blog post sick’ or  ‘I just ate 3 cupcakes and a bag of Doritos sick’ or ‘Ugh I’m such a sick human being, I just binge watched the entire season of The Kardashians in one sitting.’

Nope I’m like a full on stuffy sack of mucus sick which is a total bummer because A.) I’m a HUGE baby when I’m sick and completely co-dependent and B.) Writing just won’t happen for me. Like at all.

Seriously – I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy to read something I wrote while sick. I’m just not that cruel (but if you are that cruel or in the FBI and need some new methods of ‘humane’ torture, just give me call in the next 48 hours). Just this morning I was trying to write about my trip to Indonesia and how I was physically incapable of riding a bicycle through the rice fields of Bali and after 2 hours of so-called ‘writing’, this is all I had:

“I went to Bali with 3 friends in April. Wow it was very green and very pretty and very beautiful and the sky was very blue. My mean friends Tricia and Sam made me go on a bike tour. It sounded fun except for the bicycle part. We got picked up at our hotel by a bus and we went to a volcano and ate some rice and then went to go get on our bikes. It was cool and neat-o and very pretty. There were villages and kids and stray dogs and temples and big scary spiders almost worse than the birds. But I fell a lot. Ow it hurt. I was mad”

See? Useless.

But the biggest problem of all is that I really wanted to share some stories and am too impatient to leave my baby (which would be my blog – yes that is what my life has come to) hanging for that long. So I thought, “What would 100% healthy Kristen do if she were sick?” And I had my answer – play a game.

So welcome to Caption This!! The below picture is from my friends’ apartment roof in Sydney which has a kick-ass view overlooking the Sydney Harbour and Opera House. So in the comments below, leave your best Meme or Caption and the winner will get nothing but the satisfaction of not being a loser!

View in Potts Point Sydney Australia of Sydney Harbor
“But first…let me take a selfie”

Add your own caption in the comments below!

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