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The Travel Dispatch Philosophy

Using a combination of email and comprehensive blog posts, The Travel Dispatch is dedicated to showcasing one specific around-the-world journey in its entirety. From local encounters to misadventures, unintended detours to planned activities, loneliness to romance, frustration to unadulterated happiness, the Travel Dispatch shares it all with a candid (and ofttimes humorous) mix of daily travel notes, weekly confessions, practical memos, and lengthy destination-inspired blog posts.

With a set budget, duration, and route, readers are able to follow this itinerary from beginning to end in real-time. allowing them a transparent view of everything a long-term journey entails. With a set budget of $25,000, the current journey kicks-off November 15 and takes on the classic “round-the-world” route as I do a full loop east to west across the globe.

To see how it all works check out the full About the Travel Dispatch page.

Partnerships, Press Trips, and Events

I’m open to forming long-term partnerships, attending press trips, or covering an event but only if they work within my niche. I have built up a trust with my readers and will not compromise this by embarking on a campaign that I don’t fully believe in.

I prefer to work with small town destinations, lesser-known tourism boards, or unique activity brands that provide unparalleled local experiences.

A full media kit is available upon request.

Brands and Products

I am happy to consider working with brands and products that align with my travel-style. However, I will only promote products I use regularly and will never write a review for a product, brand, app, book, or trapeze artist’s leotard without testing it first.

Freelance Writing

I am currently taking on freelance assignments for both online and print travel publications. To view my recent freelance print clippings, please send me a request via the form at the end of this post.


I am currently not accepting guest posts unless you are the one and only Geraldine DeRuiter – whose unparalleled witticisms are welcome anytime on this site (yes, sometimes I play favorites).

Contact Info

If your brand or company fits in line with the above criteria and wishes to work with me, then please get in touch at or via the from at the end of this page.

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