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12 months. $25,000. One journey.

Under a 3 minute read, these brief anecdotes land in your inbox every afternoon for the duration of the 365 day adventure, allowing you to accompany one expedition from beginning to end – right from your armchair. The subject matter’s drawn from events transpiring earlier in the day, providing you with real-time updates ranging from notes on how to crash a father/son reunion in Scotland, travel warnings like never accept palinka-drinking challenges with Hungarians, advice on how to sail from Panama to Colombia, and much more.

Think unscripted travel-themed reality show. Just, you know, minus the whole TV-screen thing. Season 1 takes on the traditional Round-the-World Route and premieres in your email November 15, 2017.

Feeling a bit lost? No worries – the full lowdown lives here.

Get in on what some copywriter I hired on Fiverr called “a travel blog for the new age!”