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Monthly Preview: What I’m Getting Up To In April

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Cliff Note fans rejoice – this is going to be the shortest roundup I’ve ever done.

Mainly because I am SO FREAKING BEHIND ON EVERYTHING. Including…

  • My monthly newsletter that’s two months late. I swear it’s coming out tomorrow. Not signed up? You can do so here.
  • My sampling piece on Oaxaca, Mexico. That’s what I get for spending a chunk of March sampling a man instead.
  • My narrative piece on my antics in Liverpool. See above note on sampling a man.
  • My personal essay on the complications of romantic connections while on the road. It’s amazing how many different pieces this has now turned into. Sometimes I need to screw making edits and just hit publish – but I’m just not quite ready to pull the trigger yet.
  • Posting on Instagram. Ok so I’m pretty much always s*** when it comes to social media so this is nothing new.
  • My 10,000 word guide to the country of Oman. Just kidding – this is the one promise I actually kept this month. I had to throw it in after rereading this section so I didn’t feel like a total failure.

I’m back in New York City the next couple weeks and am hard at work getting the above published. Watch this space!

Memphis ribs at rendezvous

March Recap

Ok, right – cliff notes.

In March I ate some ribs. Drank too many pints of beer. Went onboard some megayachts. Lived with a boy for a bit. Crossed the Atlantic. And a whole lot of other stuff that’s all running together in my mind. February through March is my busy season in terms of outside writing commitments (another contributing factor to my nearly post-less two months) and I can barely remember my own name after the whirlwind known as Febuarch.

It goes without saying I’m looking forward to some much needed down time and catching back up on this site.

March Highlights

Destinations Visited: London, United Kingdom. West Palm Beach, Florida. Memphis, Tennessee.

  • I went on a surprise trip to Memphis. Sometimes I really am the worst planner of all time. Case in point – I’m sitting in a parking garage in South Florida trying to program the damn GPS when suddenly I think hey I should go to Memphis on Wednesday (don’t look for a segue between the two because there isn’t one). One text exchange with my bestie later and I’m booking an overly expensive flight to stay with her in the Birthplace of Rock n’ Roll.
  • I ate some down home Memphis Ribs. Regular readers may know this but for those who don’t, I’m a fake vegetarian. I pretend to only eat veg but in reality I devour meat in the name of local culture, pure drunkenness, or if I’m so hungover the only way I’m getting out of bed is if Shake Shack is involved. And of course no cultural trip to Memphis is complete without BBQ or a visit to one of their famous rib joints. While I normally get my Barbecue fix from resident favorite Central BBQ, this trip saw a switch in gears as I headed to Rendezvous for their famous ribs instead. Started in 1948, this rib joint hasn’t changed much in the subsequent 60+ years. A trip to their basement eatery is a must when visiting Memphis, Tennessee.
  • I learned how to use a washing machine in the United Kingdom. How its inventor managed to create a mechanism that’s simultaneously futuristic and antiquated I’ll never know. Sophisticated in that one machine functions as both washer and dryer, the ancient hieroglyphs etched into the various buttons ruin the effect. LIKE WHAT DO THEY MEAN?? Below are screenshots of the very real conversation I had with my Scottish lover when trying to figure them out.

London Screenshots

  • Hanging out at Pop Brixton in London. Pop Brixton is a self- proclaimed, “temporary project that has turned disused land into a creative space for local, independent businesses.” Full of live DJ’s, food vendors, artistic hidden cubbies for seating, shops and more – this is my new favorite way to kill a Saturday in London. Skip the touristy food markets of Zone 1 and head to the Brixton neighborhood to mix and mingle with the locals at Pop Brixton.
  • Taking a cocktail mixing class at The Crimson Bar at the SoHo Hotel in London. This was seriously good fun you guys. I loved doing it in a medium-sized group – I went with about 11 of my English friends – although with each of us trying our hand at the fancy cocktail of our choosing (and also being served champagne) I was more than tipsy when it came my turn to making the cocktail. My execution may have been sloppy but the consensus was it tasted delicious. That’s all that matters right?
  • Being is a domestic partnership. Ok I’m being dramatic. All I did was live in a hotel suite in Palm Beach with a guy for a chunk of March. But guys – this is a big deal for me – temporary as it was.  I’m pretty much the most commitment-phobic person you’ve ever met yet I didn’t freakout seeing our toothbrushes propped next to each. Didn’t hyperventilate at the sight of his discarded shirt on the dresser. Didn’t balk at the two dirty coffee cups in the kitchen sink. In fact it felt nice. Constantly being on the road can get draining and this sense of normalcy and routine felt good for both of us (he’s nomadic as well). I even became a bit sad and needy when he moved onto Europe last week. MY WHOLE LIFE I’VE WANTED TO BE NEEDY. Well, at least for a minute – not in the psycho needy way. I’m often cold and distant, easily shutting people out and moving onto the next thing. When I decide I’m done, I’m done. I’m fiercely independent and my life is on the road. It’s who I am and because of that I don’t forge relationships in the traditional sense. Yet McNugget (don’t ask) taught me how to be open and honest. For the first time in my life I held nothing back, expressing exactly how I felt when I felt it. I didn’t look for an exit strategy. Maybe it’s because he innately understood me and my thought process – especially in regards to the travel lifestyle I lead. Whatever the reason, I will always cherish the bubble we lived in last month and I won’t be sad that it’s over. I believe he came into my life to teach me something about myself and I’ll carry those lessons with me. A baseline of friendship and understanding will always hold steady between us. Plus, who knows? Maybe one day our paths will cross again.

Things to do in Oman - a 7 day itinerary - the gulf of Oman

Posts Published in March

Things To Do In Oman: A 7 Day Itinerary: if you’re Type B this might be the most boring post you’ve ever read.

It’s painfully useful and practical but if you’re traveling to the Middle Eastern country of Oman, it’ll defo come in handy. Hence why this 10,000 word guide is more digestible for my Type A peeps who get off on reading itineraries for fun – or for those currently in the planning stages of a trip to Oman. I’ve included activity ideas, transportation, what to wear, cultural etiquette, where to stay, costs, and much more.

If you’re one of those people saying “um I thought Oman was some form of meditative yoga”, then this older post on Oman may be for you – Oman: The Paradise You Never Knew Existed.


What’s Coming Up In April?

Spain – ermm maybe….I think?….Sure, why not?

Ok so sometimes my impulses are completely irrational and I pull the trigger on something way too fast. Like when my Airfarewatchdog alert hit my inbox last week touting Newark to Barcelona only $411 roundtrip!! (seriously if you aren’t signed up for Airfarewatchdog – do it now!).

That’s all it took and I now find myself holding a ticket to Barcelona – my least favorite Spanish city btw – for later this month. Part of me wants to go yet part of me wants to stay in NYC. NYC in April is beautiful and being in one place would allow me to catchup on writing and a new business venture I’m starting (more details on this in the coming months!).

On the other hand, I may buy a cheap Easyjet flight in and out of Barcelona and end up in Northern Europe. Maybe Lithuania? Or Bulgaria? Or possibly Germany? Hell, maybe I’ll even just explore Barcelona again. Safe to say I’m all over the place and who knows where I’ll end up in 2 weeks. But that’s half the fun isn’t it?

What have you got coming up this month? Any fun travels? Let me know in the comments below!

Why Suffer From FOMO When You Don’t Have To?

Taking on the classic “round-the-world” route, the next Travel Dispatch journey kicks off Nov 15 as I travel east to west, looping the globe over a period of 12 months with $25,000. Now’s your chance to get in on it from the very beginning!

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