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13 Things The New York City High Line Taught Me

This post was born 10 Nov, 2014 3 Comments
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I’ve already mentioned my own personal 7th level of hell known as ‘entertaining friends from out of town’ and chronicled my recent disastrous experience in a previous post.

Continuing on from that night and in desperate need of redemption, I ran into the second ‘what the hell am I going to do with my friends now’ conundrum – what do you do with a couple of hungover (this keeps auto correcting to ‘hangover’. Is ‘hungover’ seriously not a word?!) girls who have flights later that evening?

You don’t want to squander the day away just lying in bed (at least they don’t – personally I would not have objected to that plan) but the last thing your its-my-own-fault-my-head-is-falling-off self wants to do is go to some touristy hot-spot with lines reminiscent of Disney World during the peak of summer. Where is someplace touristy that isn’t, well, totally touristy?

That brings us to The High Line which is an urban public park in New York City converted from an old railroad line stretching from W. 34th St down to the Meatpacking District. And ok yes, I admit it is a bit touristy but several locals who frequent the park gasped in judgmental surprise when they found out I had never been.

So we came, we saw, we took pictures, and we learned these very important things…..

1. The High Line has more rules than my 5th grade grammar class…

High Line Park Rules
I bet I can break as many as I did back then.

2. No matter how local you are, it’s still impossible to avoid crowds…

The High Line in NYC
In the words of Chandler Bing,”There’s always so many people. Their being corralled like cattle, and… you know, there’s always some idiot who goes Mooooo“.

3. It’s not called the ‘High Line’ for nothing…

Beautiful mural as seen from the High Line in New York City
Amsterdam flashbacks anyone?

4. The High Line is yet another reminder of all the great living spaces in NYC you’ll never be able to afford…

Expensive apartments in NYC
Ok, so I guess I’ll just stay in my current ikea furnished closet.

5. The grass really is greener on the other side…

Green grass on the High Line
Unfiltered grassy goodness.

6. The warning signs were there all along…

Fun Advertisement from Manhattan Mini Storage in NYC
Nothing new to see here.

7. The High Line allows for the photo op less traveled…

View of the Statue of Liberty from the High Line
Doesn’t get any more patriotic than this.

8. Heaven really isn’t so far away…

View on the High Line
Come into the light.

9. Unless you’re really hungover. Then it’s very very very far indeed…

Artichoke Basille's Pizza in New York City
If only I had brought my magic carpet.

10. Now you know what an Orca Whale at SeaWorld feels like…

The High Line in NYC
In the words of Phoebe Buffay, “I have tasted my own medicine and it is bitter!” ( I know, I watch FRIENDS way too much).

11. Putting out lounge chairs does not make this a beach…

Lounge chairs on the High Line
Maybe if you added some cushions or umbrellas or served pina coladas in coconuts.

12. Ice Cream Sandwiches have really come a long way since the 90’s…

Yummy Ice Cream Sandwiches in NYC
Blue Bunny could learn a thing or two.

13. Last but not least – my friends are pretty f****** awesome…

Friends on the High Line in New York City
Ok, so I already knew that one.

 Discovered anything new and interesting in your own town? Let me know in the comments below!


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I love the high line. It really is a great addition that they added to NY.


Wow, apparently it came a long way since my last visit to NY. Back in early spring 2013, High line was almost deserted. Actually, it was sort of nice to walk there without crowds – it was so… not NYC.