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Re-branding Me, Myself, and I (Oh and the Blog Can Come Too)

This post was born 15 Oct, 2014 10 Comments
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So yeah I have major ADHD.

Like cannot-stay-in-the-bathroom-2-minutes-to-brush-my-teeth-much-less-sit-in-a-dentist’s-chair ADD (which makes for some real awkward situations with my hygienist).

I’ve been offered medication (thanks Chad) but the thought of illegally taking prescription pills every day doesn’t appeal to me and well, my self-diagnosed ADD makes it impossible for me to wait in a doctor’s office for an indefinite amount of time to get a prescription (ironic I know).

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you this has in no way affected my blog in the past. Case in point – Exhibit A and B:

  • My only post under 1500 words is made up of mostly pictures (not for a change of pace but because there was a window washer outside my building that day unintentionally making shifting ‘cloud patterns’ with rivulets of water and suds. 5 hours later, I realized I hadn’t written a word and it was almost time for Scandal so I had to spit something out.)

Let’s also not forget how it’s affecting the present with Exhibit C, D, and E:

  • I am currently in the process of working on 11 different blog posts at the same time. ELEVEN! I. Just. Can’t. Concentrate. It took me almost 2 months to write about PotterCon – mainly because halfway through I got a great idea for a Valentine’s Day post and immediately started on that (Yes. I am aware it’s 5 months away).
  • I’ve almost completely given up on Twitter – there is just SO MUCH STUFF (plus I’m not entirely sure I know how to use it). This morning I read at least 32 articles before I remembered that the sole reason I logged on was to tweet about my most recent post.
  • The more stories I find myself working on, the more ideas I have and the more I want to express them and share them with you (all 11 of my beloved subscribers). Seriously – it’s like one of those 3-headed mythological thingumabobs where you cut off one head and 10 more grow back.

(How I manage to hold down a ‘real person’ job is beyond me.)

This was my to do list for work today. Makes complete since to me
This was my to do list for work today. Makes complete sense to me.

All of the above (seemingly endless chatter) circles around to the point I’m trying to make– the dreaded ADD has just invaded the future of my blog. It has filled my head with visions of grandeur and romantic notions that have made me reconsider what direction I want my site to go in. It’s made me think it’s time for a (gulp) ‘re-brand’.

I decided it would be best to make my lovely friend Kristina interview me (of course she probably won’t remember doing it since I forgot to ask her to) in order to keep me focused on the topic at hand.

Why a ‘re-brand’?

I started this blog impulsively with little to no thought put into what I wanted it to be. I simply didn’t know at the time what I wanted out of it or what it would come to mean to me. I’ve been bouncing between so many different ideas throughout the process but I’m finally starting to form a clear picture in my head.

So what exactly will be changing?

For starters, the blog will be a bit less NYC-centric.

What?!? NOOOOOO – how can that be? How will I know what to do on the weekends?

Notice I used the word ‘bit’ – I still live here so all my local and off-the-beaten trail adventures will still be shared and I’ll even have a full page on the site completely dedicated to New York City.

What made you decide to make this change?

Well, besides having major ADD in regards to my posts and content, I was recently promoted at work. My new position involves more travel which has resulted in me spending less and less time in New York. I’ve been taking advantage of these work trips by adding additional vacation time onto these jaunts so I could do some fun exploring. I’ve always loved to travel and had plans of expanding to full travel writing in the future. Why not start now?

So you’re basically a tourist now. Even though your site name swears you’re not?

Nope. Never. Ugh tourists are the worst. I’m taking on the challenge of metamorphosis – much like a chameleon trying its best to blend into its environment. Therefore the whole exploring-like-a-local concept will remain the same just on an expanded global level.

Are you saying this is now a ‘world travel’ blog?

In a way – yes, but not entirely. For me, travel isn’t just something I do. It’s been a lifestyle choice since I first went wheels up and it’s become a vital part of who I am.

My experiences, how I react to them and are changed by them, are solely my own. Traveling is individualistic. I’m not here to tell you how you should do it, what you should see, or where you should go. Travel affects us all in differential ways. I just happen to enjoy sharing my anecdotes out loud and this new ‘re-brand’ opens up the door for me to share so much more. I’m hoping this blog is something people can connect and relate to, or laugh at, or perhaps be inspired by.

I guess I prefer to think of it as more of a lifestyle blog.

Besides, it keeps me from feeling guilty about not calling my parents more often. It lets them know what I’m up to.

What are you dreading most about the rebrand?

The fact that I now have to come up with a new tagline and change it on all my social media. I didn’t even have Facebook a year ago and now I have pintter, instaupon, google whatever (minus?), and a million more that I have no idea how to use.

I also finally found the perfect background just 2 short days ago. I thought I was so clever using ‘subway tile’ while writing about NYC. I’m rather lazy so maybe I’ll still keep it for awhile.

One last parting question – I noticed your category is named ‘I’m attracted to your randomness’. What’s that about?

In person, I talk like I write. I ramble and bounce around from topic to topic in a way that most people can’t make sense of. One minute we’ll be talking about the football game and the next thing I know I start going on about that time I went apple picking and got stuck in tree. Well, something similar happened recently and the guy I was with laughed and looked over at me and said ‘You know why I’m attracted to you? It’s your randomness.’ Even though I’m sure he was full of s***, it still felt nice to hear and I decided to file all my random musings into the new category.

I hope you enjoy the re-brand. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Hiltrud J. McInturff

Go Girl- I enjoy your writings, you are funny and articulate!


Awesome post! I think its pretty courageous to do a whole rebrand! You just have to be confident that thats what you want 🙂 love you’re writing you are so genuine and authentic! Keep it up


OMG I’m going through the same thing!

I’ve evolved, I need to grow but I have been trying out how to do it in a way that makes sense.

How does one do that seamlessly when you are doing something for fun but you have to make a lot of serious decisions around it (changing fonts, servers, images, notifying people, etc)

Glad to see I’m not alone #urbantraveler2.0


Haha! This post made me laugh. I felt myself nodding in agreement with many things you have said here, mostly pertaining to Twitter and having a bunch of posts drafted at the same time!!

Harvey (H-Bomb's Worldwide Karaoke)

Most of my posts are more than 1500 words too. I think that’s totally fine — the quality of the content is much more important than the word count. And I think it’s also pretty common to have multiple drafts in the hopper at any one time (I have posts that I’ve been working on for more than 2 years now!)

Good luck with version 2.0 of your blog!