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For those who skipped over the About the Dispatch section, this website traces one $25,000, 12 month journey around the world from beginning to end. Updated weekly, this page traces my route and documents where I am and where I’ve been – all the while detailing the unmissable highlights, mishaps, and local encounters in-between.

The Itinerary

Starting in the vibrant heart of Panama, I’ll set sail for the Caribbean to explore untouched islands before washing up on the pristine shores of Colombia to bus my way through South America. Mid-April will see a shift to less-visited European regions such as the enchanting Baltic States in the North and the sparkling coastlines comprising the Balkans in the South. With the September winds comes a jaunt through the surprisingly cosmopolitan cities of the Middle East enroute to South Asia where I’ll practice the art of temple spotting before continuing east to the City of Angels in California. The journey culminates November 15, 2018 on the white sand beaches of Florida’s panhandle.

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