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Giving you a reason, besides the obvious, to love Hump Day, the Weekly Dispatch shows off its depth chart with a categorical recap of the previous week’s travel highs, lows, fave destinations, WTFs, lessons learned, and more (psssssst: reminder – we’re tracing one $25,000, 12 month journey around the world from beginning to end).

It breaks down everything highlighted in the past week’s daily emails including the who, what, where, when, and how of it all. Think practical guide for those interested in further information about traveling to the destinations mentioned i.e. how to book the same tour, what gear to bring, where to stay, how much things cost, where I ate those yummy local delicacies, how to obtain a visa, and more.

All recaps live here on this page. Just bookmark it to follow along at your convenience. Pssst…I’m a but behind but am playing catch-up so check back soon for recaps for weeks 6 – 9!

 From The Archives

Week 4 & 5: Dispatched From Cartagena and Palomino

Weeks 4 and 5 were a bit of an odd couple.

Not in the travel experiences so much as in my route which involved some unexpected to-ing and fro-ing. I started Week 4 in Cartagena and ended it in the hippie beach town of Palomino. Meanwhile Week 5 saw the reverse effect, beginning in Palomino and ending back in Cartagena. This was due to an unforeseen technological error which is just a fancy way of saying my computer broke down. My closest option for getting it fixed was in Cartagena; hence the backtrack.

This is why I decided to combine the two weeks (and highlights of both destinations) into 1 recap… READ MORE 


Week 3: Dispatched From The San Blas Islands, Panama

When I divulged my plans to kick-off the first Travel Dispatch journey in Panama City everyone asked me why start there? Truthfully it had nothing to do with my wanting to explore Panama and everything to do with an article I read three years ago on how you could sail from Panama to Colombia. In the years since, the dream of playing pirate refused to dislodge from my mind and (finally!) this past week saw that fantasy come to fruition… READ MORE


Week 2: Dispatched From El Valle de Anton, Panama

Week 2 of my current 52 week round-the-world trip was supposed to see me on a sailboat from Panama City to Cartagena, Colombia. But as per usual when it comes to my excellent planning skills, procrastination hit and I waited too long to book my passage. Not wanting to miss out on the sail, I opted to remain in Panama and wait out the 8 days in-between the next available sailing slot. 

I knew I didn’t want to spend all this time in Panama City since I’d already been there for a week so I asked a local where his favorite place to escape to was. His answer was the small valley town of El Valle de Anton where all of this week’s recap takes place… READ MORE


Week 1: Dispatched From Panama City, Panama

The majority of this past week was spent in Panama City, Panama. A strange place I found hard to grasp.

It feels (and certainly looks) very American yet is undeniably foreign at the same time. It’s a metropolis that demands a longer stay to really get under its skin and understand the true nature of it. Safe to say 6 days was not enough for me to do this. Instead what I walked away with were snapshots I one day hope to delve further into… READ MORE